How Much Do Zebra Blinds Cost?

How much do zebra blinds cost?

Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $1,500 for an installed zebra shade.

Zebra shades have a wide range of price depending on the fabric, brand and operating system. An installed shade on a smaller window can start under $200 and can exceed $1,000 for the highest end fabric shades on larger windows. We have dozens of zebra shade fabrics in all brands and for all budgets. The price will depend on the width and height of the opening. Zebra shades are installed on both windows and sliding glass doors, as well as French doors.

The size of your window will be the biggest factor in the pricing. The larger the window, the more the zebra shade will cost. If you are deciding between placing one zebra on a double or triple window or dividing the window into multiple shades, it usually costs less to do one large shade. However, some people prefer to break up the windows into multiple shades if you want the ability to have a shade on part of the window raised, and the shade on the other panel lowered.