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Decorative Window Grilles

Arched windows are abundant in South Florida, and they’re one of the most challenging openings to cover. Window grilles are the perfect solution. You can cover an arch or any other shaped opening with a wood grille — the grilles by Tableaux also come with an iron or metal-like finish. You choose the grille color and design pattern.

For homeowners who want to protect their arches from heat, you can even embed screen shades in our decorative grilles. This gives you both a unique decorative treatment and heat protection.

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Decorative Grille Arch with Motorized Screen Shade

Protection from Florida Heat

Embed Screens within Decorative Grilles

Heat reduction is one of the primary reasons to cover your arch with a window treatment. Screen shades, which can reduce UV rays up to 99 percent, allow you to maintain a view from your arch while drastically reducing heat. The screen shades can be embedded into a window grille or can be made standalone with a wood frame.

Screen shades for decorative window grilles come in four different opacities, reducing heat anywhere from 90 to 99 percent. You can choose from several different color shades and then match a grille design and color.

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Showcase Your Unique Style

Decorative Grilles for Walls

Decorative grilles aren’t limited to arches — you can cover an arch or any other shaped opening. The decorative metal grilles can be installed as artwork for your walls or ceilings. You can even place them on the exterior of your home with a wood finish that can withstand outdoor heat. Decorative grilles come in wood or an iron, or metal-like finish. You choose the grille color and design pattern.

Decorative grilles combine function with art, making a statement in any home.

  • Materials – Wood, Faux Iron, Faux Metal 
  • Pattern

  • Shape 

  • Embedded Screen Shade
  • Opacity

Window Grille Design Ideas

Stylish Grilles for Any Area of your Home

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