Can Zebra Shades Blackout a Room?

transition zebra shades black out blinds by a shade above window fashions

A Hugely Popular Window Covering: Zebra Shades

Zebra shades, also known as transition blinds,  have become one of the most popular window treatments on the market because of their multi-functional ability to provide a sheer view in the open position and privacy in the closed position. Yet zebra shades can do much more than that. We have many different room darkening fabrics that, when in the closed position, can provide a certain degree of blackout. This is a great option for bedrooms where customers want filtered light during the day, and blackout for sleeping.

Is total blackout possible with zebra shades?

Zebra shades have two layers of fabric that alternate from sheer to private, so total blackout – like what you would find with a one-layered roller shade fabric – is not realistic. It’s still possible that a small degree of light will show between the bands. However, with the right fabric and bottom rail, room darkening zebra shades can adequately keep a room dark.

Room Darkening Zebra Shades

With any roller shade, there is going to be small light gaps on the sides. This is normal and unavoidable with shades that rolls up and down. For those who want to eliminate the side light, we have room darkening zebra shades with side aluminum side channels. These two-inch channels, which come in various colors and are fixed onto the windows, will keep out almost all of the side light. This will give you the most degree of blackout for a zebra shade.

The colors on a room darkening zebra shade will have darker tones than a light filtering zebra shade. Unlike solid blackout roller or honeycomb cellular shades, there is not a bright white room darkening zebra shade. The dim out whites have an attractive grayish tone, and the zebras come in many other contemporary and classic colors.

Room Darkening Zebra Shades for Doors

Many South Florida bedrooms and media rooms are outfitted with sliding glass doors or French doors. Zebra shades are one of the most popular lifting products that we install on doors. You can get the same identical room darkening zebra shade on your door and window. Motorization and automation is a popular option for zebra shades on doors, but we can also install them corded, with motor wands or with a cordless lift control. No matter if your zebra shade is manual or motorized, you will still have an array of room darkening options.

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