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Zebra Blinds

If you want a soft, contemporary look in your home, transitional roller shades are an ideal interior window covering that can work in any room. Also known as zebra shades, this window treatment style alternates sheer and solid fabric, giving a striped pattern. Their other name, transition roller shades, stems from how their convenient design allows a single shade to transition from open to close.

It’s a perfect window covering for those who want a view in addition to light control and privacy.


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    Transition Shades for Windows

    What are zebra shades?

    Zebra blinds are a window treatment style that alternates sheer and solid fabric, allowing a single shade to transition from open to close. A zebra shade, also called a transition shade, offers privacy, light control, and insulation.

    Zebra Blinds while Open
    transition blind open
    Zebra Blinds – Sideview
    transition blind closed, with a sideview angle
    Zebra Blinds while Closed
    transition blind while closed
    Hunter Douglas

    Transition Blinds

    Hunter Douglas’ Designer Transition Shades come in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics and include a decorative cassette for a finished look. These transition roller shades can be automated with Hunter Douglas’ PowerView system, or they can be manual. With Hunter Douglas you can choose between several band sizes or specialty shapes. A smart hub can be added for the automated zebra shades, which allows you to control your shades by phone or with a voice assistant.

    Showcase Your Unique Style

    Zebra Roller Blinds Options

    All of our zebra roller blinds have stylish tops and cassette. Bandalux’s Neolux shade has several top including, including a matte finished aluminum casing, a fabric covered aluminum casing and a rounded cassette. Hunter Douglas’ Banded Shade also has a decorative square top.

    There are many fabrics to choose from that complement any room or decor. You can choose between light filtering, room darkening or even sheer fabrics. Zebra Blinds are decorative, functional, and fashionable.

    • Band Size

    • Shade Fabric Texture

    • Shade Fabric Opacity

    • Top Treatment
    • Automated, Motorized, or Manual

    transition blinds in bathroom before and after
    Control Light & Privacy

    Zebra Shades Put You In Charge

    Zebra roller shades give you complete control over light and privacy. In the fully closed position, the shades are private. With the light filtering fabrics, light can still come through the zebra shades in the closed position while maintaining privacy. With the room darkening fabrics, minimal light comes through the shades.

    When the shades are in the open position, you get a view outside in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics. These roller shades can also be fully raised for maximum view.

    Make Life Easy

    Motorized Zebra Shades

    All of our zebra shades come default with a metal or plastic chain for simple functionality. From there, you can upgrade to various control systems. Our cordless zebra shades work by manually lifting the bottom rail to raise and lower the shade. There are no cords required. We also have two types of motor options. All of our zebra shades have the option to fully motorize and automate with a remote control. Our Hunter Douglas Banded zebra shades come with Bluetooth built into the motor and work off your cell phone. We also have various zebra shades with motorized wands. These shades still work by motor, but you operate them from a wand that is attached to the headrail of the shade.

    How do automatic zebra shades operate?

    Most of our motorized zebra shades work via remote control. However, there are other options. Wall switches can be installed for those who prefer to operate the motors from the wall. You can also use your cell phone to raise and lower the shades. Hunter Douglas’ zebra shades come default with Bluetooth, while other zebra shades can work from your phone with the use of a smart hub. We also have zebra shades with motor wand.

    Motorized Zebra Shade Maintenance

    Zebra shade motors require minimal maintenance. Most of the shades come with rechargeable motors and should be charged about twice a year. It’s as easy as charging a cell phone. The motors are warrantied for five years, so if there are any issues in the first five years, the motor is replaced at no charge. And while the motors typically last much longer than five years, a replacement motor can be purchased after the warranty runs out.

    close up of a transition blind to illustration the transitional pattern by a shade above window fashions

    What is the cost difference between manual zebra shades and motorized zebra shades?

    Different brand zebra shades have different costs, but a typical motor costs $300 to $350 installed. These are high quality national and international brand motors that are reliable and quiet when operated. For those who want motorized zebra shades and don’t mind walking up to the shade, motor wands can cost less than half the price of a fully automated shade. Those wands are attached to the headrail and hang down the length of a shade like a cord. You can then raise and lower the shades by pressing the wands.

    how much do zebra blinds cost

    How much do zebra blinds cost?

    Expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $1,500 for an installed zebra shade.

    Zebra shades have a wide range of price depending on the fabric, brand and operating system. An installed shade on a smaller window can start under $200 and can exceed $1,000 for the highest end fabric shades on larger windows. We have dozens of zebra shade fabrics in all brands and for all budgets. The price will depend on the width and height of the opening. Zebra shades are installed on both windows and sliding glass doors, as well as French doors.

    The size of your window will be the biggest factor in the pricing. The larger the window, the more the zebra shade will cost. If you are deciding between placing one zebra on a double or triple window or dividing the window into multiple shades, it usually costs less to do one large shade. However, some people prefer to break up the windows into multiple shades if you want the ability to have a shade on part of the window raised, and the shade on the other panel lowered.

    Control options will also affect the price. The starting price zebra shades come with a plastic or metal chain. You can upgrade to cordless zebra shades or motorized zebra shades.

    What our clients have to say

    Wonderful experience from initial consultation to installation. I shopped around and A Shade Above has the best prices, huge variety, great price ranges and really nice customer service. They were prompt and reliable, sticking exactly to the timeline we agreed to. The gentleman who installed our shades was exactly on time, worked fast, super polite and professional. We had a slight issue installing one shade and he drove 50 mins to get the part needed to finish and came back same day.

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