6 Things to Know About Zebra Shades

Zebra blinds are a window treatment alternating sheer and solid fabric, allowing a single shade to transition from ‘open’ to ‘close’. A zebra shade, often referred to as a transition shade, offers privacy, light control, and insulation.

Are Zebra Blinds hard to clean?

Zebra shades require little to no maintenance. They are polyester fabrics so spot cleaning will work for minor stains. Transition shades collect minimal dust.

Do Zebra Blinds go all the way up?

Zebra shades can be raised all the way to the top of a window if you want a full unobstructed view. Unlike other see through shades, you can also have a zebra shade halfway up and still open and close the veins. No other shade gives you so much light control.

Do zebra blinds keep the heat out?

While zebra blinds are designed more for style and functionality than heat reduction, any shade will help reduce heat. Room darkening zebra shades will do a better job than light filtering zebra shades at keeping the heat out.

Can you use zebra blinds on sliding glass doors?

Zebra shades are one of our most popular shades for sliding glass doors. Depending on the size of your door, we can install them as one large shade over your slider, or we can break them up into multiple shades. Placing individual shades over the panels is an option for those who want to open part of the slider and leave the other half closed and the shade down.

Do zebra shades give you privacy at night?

Most of our zebra shades are fully private at night when in the closed position. A few of our fabrics are sheer and can be seen through in the closed position, so it’s best before you order to take a close look at all of our different fabrics and see what works for you.

Can you install zebra shades yourself?

We offer special self service pricing for those who want to install their own zebra shades. For those who have experience with installation brackets, it is possible to install your new zebra shades yourself. If you are comfortable installing but would rather not be responsible for the measurement and fit, we also offer a package where we measure and you receive an additional discount to install on your own. Learn more about our installation services for shades and blinds.