Porch Blinds: Block the Summer Heat

Porch blinds can completely transform an outdoor space by providing privacy and energy savings with fully customizable options.

Patio shades, which are made out of vinyl materials, come in various opacities. For complete privacy, 0% fully opaque shades block a view from outside day or night. When lowered, these shades will not let any light through.

For many applications, a 1% porch blind will provide enough privacy while still allowing light to permeate the screen shades. These shades block out 99% of harmful UV rays and are mostly private. Shadows might be visible through the shade.

Porch blinds also come in 3%, 5%, 10% and 14% opacities. A 14% shade will allow the most light, and also provide the best view of any of the opacities. Even when the shade is in the down position, you will be able to see out the porch blind – and on a sunny day it will be a nearly perfect view. A 14% patio shade will not provide much privacy, but will still reduce 86% of harmful UV rays.

No matter which opacity you choose, all of the porch blinds have various color options, and will be secured with either cable guides, a rod or an aluminum track system. The shade roll can be visible or can be covered with a decorative box.

Depending on the size of the shade, they come either manual with a beaded chain, crank operated or fully motorized with a remote control. All three options are available on smaller shades. The largest patio blinds must be motorized. These blinds can go upward of 20 feet wide in one piece. Learn more about outdoor motorized shades here.