Outdoor Shades for Your Lanai

Lanai shades come in different styles and functions depending on whether your patio area is covered or uncovered.

Fully covered lanais that are free of any weather interference have no restrictions. Any window treatment that can go on the interior of a home can also be installed on a fully covered lanai.

Open lanais require shades specifically designed for outdoor elements. These patio blinds, or screen shades, are made out of vinyl and can withstand rain and sun. The outdoor lanai shades are secured by either cable guides, rods or aluminum tracks so they are not impeded by wind.

There are various privacy options for lanai shades which range from fully opaque blackout shades to blinds that allow light and a daytime view.  Blackout shades guarantee privacy day and night but do not allow light to come through the shades. Semi-opaque shades allow some degree of light while maintaining a level of privacy. Semi-sheer, sheer and screen shades provide the most light and best view.

Weather proof lanai shades also provide energy savings. A 1% outdoor shade, which allows some light to permeate the shade and also provides some view, blocks out 99% of the UV rays. This is the most energy efficient outdoor shade that still allows light to come through the shade. A 3% outdoor shade blocks 97% of UV rays, a 5% blocks 95%, a 10% blocks 90% and a 14% outdoor shade blocks 86% of the harmful UV rays. A 14% patio shade is the most transparent, but still provides energy savings.

Lanai shades are fully customizable. They come manually controlled or motorized. The motorized lanai shade can be fully automated with smart hubs that allow the blinds to be controlled remotely, set on timers or activated with voice assistants.

Depending on the size of the blinds, motorized lanai shades come rechargeable or hardwired. Rechargeable battery lanai shades never need to be plugged in except for a few times a year when the shades are charging. Lanai shades larger than 12 feet will need to be plugged into a power source. These shades never to be charged and are always operable as long as the power source is available.