Top Shades for Large Commercial Windows

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Commercial windows vary in shape, configuration, and needs when it comes to window treatments. We carry numerous blinds and shades products that are durable and affordable for any commercial location. There are several popular options for commercial window treatments – these are our top 2 options for large windows.

What are the best window treatment options for large commercial windows?

These roller style shades are made out of vinyl materials and are perfect for interior or exterior installs. Outdoor roller shades come in different opacities and can block as much as 99 percent of UV rays. These roller shades can go 15 feet — or wider — in one piece.

best shades for large commercial windows

The classic vertical blind provides a view outside, or can be closed for privacy. Vertical blinds are popular in South Florida for a reason. They are functional, durable, modern and moderately priced. You can simply tilt them open for light and a view and then tilt them closed when you want privacy or darkness. This window treatment option can go 15 feet or wider on one track.