Blinds and Shades Solutions for Commercial Properties

We carry numerous products that are durable and affordable for a commercial location.

Commercial storefronts and offices vary in shape, configuration and needs when it comes to window treatments. We carry numerous products that are durable and affordable for any commercial store location. There are several popular options for commercial window treatments.

We can do basic horizontal shades or vertical blinds that will withstand heavy use.

For a contemporary décor we have roller shades, including screen shades which are popular in office and retail settings.

Screen shades are made of durable vinyl and can provide a view of the outside while still giving daytime privacy and reducing heat. Most of our products can come manual or motorized. Automation allows you to automatically preset your shades to open or close during business hours.

For commercial locations that need to eliminate light, we can install aluminum sun blocking side channels. This keeps out nearly all the light. It’s a popular option in studios, or anywhere that you need to darken during the day. For outdoor commercial shades, we can install the shades into side channels which keeps them in place on a windy day. These shades can withstand tropical storm force winds in the side channels.

We use various manufacturers for commercial blinds and shades, including national and international brands like Hunter Douglas and Bandalux. We also use local manufacturers depending on the type of product you need for your business. All our products are high quality and made in North America or Europe.

Light control is often a prime objective when treating windows at in an office, storefront or restaurant. We have many products that can block morning and late afternoon sun. There are manual options where you can lower a shade by chain to block the sun, or we can automate the shades and they can be set to automatically lower at certain times of day. If you want to maintain a view during a sunny time of day, we have options in both shades and blinds that can accomplish that goal.

We can treat almost any size window, including large ones in a commercial setting. There are a couple of different ways to treat an oversized window. We can do one large vertical product including blinds, which are practical in office settings. We can also break the window up into multiple shades. Depending on the size of the window, we carry oversized screen shades that can go wider than 15 feet in one piece. These are especially popular in outdoor locations, including restaurant terraces, when you can install one shade between columns.

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